Diving in Australia

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The Luna Park ferris wheel illuminated by the Phantasos light installation during Vivid Sydney 2018.

Diving in Australia is probably the dream of any lover of scuba diving. Countless reefs, a huge ocean, an incredibly beautiful and diverse underwater world are a real diving paradise.

Ningaloo Reef

Be sure to check out the Ningalu Nature Reserve. The underwater world there is full of colors and representatives of the underwater community. 200 species of graceful hard corals and almost 500 species of fish live there. Turtles, graceful soaring practically at the surface, manta rays, naughty dolphins and calm sea cows will accompany you during an exciting dive.

Mornington Peninsula

There are some interesting dive sites. And the first one is Port Phillip Heads, the wonderful world of which will open before you after a short trip. Seahorses and cuttlefish hiding behind their ink stains, stingy stingrays and sea urchins, amazing rags and bright groupers will remain in your memories for a long time. Going down to more solid depths, you can look at the submarines, gone to the bottom even during the First World War.

Diving trail

They are located on the east coast of Tasmania. Pure water of amazing turquoise color is completely transparent, so visibility reaches 40 meters in depth. Be sure to dive in Troy Dee, not far from Maria Island and be sure to visit the reefs and the caves of Worthfall Bay. The Fortescue Bay’s brown algae, resembling dense thickets, hid a fascinating wreck, the steamer Nord, which went down to the bottom in 1925.

Baird bay

A small fishing village is famous for having a colony of sea lions near its coast, almost extinct from the face of the earth. And there you can watch them in their natural habitat, and even swim with them. The animals are very friendly and absolutely not afraid of divers. There and the flocks of restless dolphins, ready to play with you indefinitely.

Darwin Harbor

Excellent dive site if you are interested in wreck diving. There is simply an incredible number of shipwrecks dating back to the Second World War. Today, carpet sharks, barracudas, coral salmon and perches of amazing silver color live here.