Cost of living in Australia

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Australia is perhaps one of the most mysterious and amazing countries in the world. It is convenient to rest there both with money and without it. Everything seems to be created for a great holiday. Several seas and oceans wash the country, so the climate there is simply healing. And also there are interesting animals, a variety of entertainment and luxury hotel complexes. What is the average cost of living in Australia and is it really possible to rest here with a minimum budget?


In a country, hotels are distinguished not by international classification, but by class. The most expensive hotels in Australia are located in Sydney:

  • Shangri-La Hotel 5 *;
  • InterContinental Sydney 5 *.

The cost of living in these hotels starts from $ 120 per night per person. Average hotels give their numbers for $ 80-150. Most tourists prefer to settle in motels. A private room with all the comforts will cost about $ 50. You can also rent an apartment from a local, prices are about the same, but this is an option for a short time. Long term rentals are not welcome. You can live on a farm. It will be not only cheap but also exciting. And the children will be delighted. Prices for a bed rarely exceed the prices for similar services in other countries. In Australia, you will need to pay 15-20 $.


If expensive restaurants are not an option, then you should pay attention to Asian eateries, which are very numerous in the country. Prices there are $ 10-15 for lunch for two. There are places where you can bring a drink with you. The cost of the food in them is low. Self-catering facilities are popular in Australia. You can eat in such a restaurant for $ 10, or even less. It is strange, but in most Australian cities it is allowed to have a barbecue in the parks, which has been successfully used by adventurous tourists. Living on a farm, you can even forget about the problems with food. In general, in Australia, you can eat without overpaying for service and serving dishes.