Camping in Australia

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Australia is a country with a unique nature and a high level of development, so tourism in this country is diverse and very popular. Camping in Australia is somewhat different from how they look in Europe. As in the countries of Europe, the USA and Canada, this kind of recreation are prevalent here, but the campsites themselves are intended primarily for relaxing using a car. This type of recreation is also called caravanning. In Australia, there are so many places where campgrounds are located. This is both national parks, nature reserves, and common natural areas. Here are the campgrounds, also called caravan parks or RV Park.

How to relax in the Australian campsite?

Holidays in the Australian campsite are a great solution. Since you already have to pay a lot for the flight to this country, it will be useful to save money on your vacation by staying at the campsite. You can not only reduce costs but also get maximum pleasure from good company and intimacy with nature.

When choosing a campsite in Australia, one should proceed not from attractions but the state. You can pick up camping in advance, having familiarized with the most popular options.

Best Australian Campgrounds

Among the most popular campgrounds in Australia are the following:

  • Alivio Tourist Park in Canberra. The cost of an overnight stay is $ 34. It has laundry facilities, a playground, a swimming pool, a supermarket, lighting and hot water.
  • Exhibition Park in Canberra. It costs from $ 22 per day. There are showers, toilets, laundries, electricity and water for the camper. It is possible with animals.
  • Rainbow Pines Tourist Park. Parking 25 dollars per day. There are fishing, cycling, walking and relaxing on the shore.
  • Adelaide River Resort. Opened with Litchfield National Park not long ago. Prices and services are still being specified.
  • Agnes Water Beach Caravan Park. The cost of living $ 30 per day. It is located on the beach, offers diving, relaxing on the beach, there are playgrounds and exotic local cuisine.
  • Adelaide Caravan Park. It costs 30 dollars a day, and here you can replenish stocks of food, water and refuel.