Beach holiday in Australia

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A green continent is not the most dazzle and the budget option of a beach holiday, but there are a lot of people who want to do it. They are not embarrassed by either 20 hours of flight, or the price of airline tickets, or the rather confusing process of obtaining a visa. And now more and more lucky ones are going on a beach holiday to Australia.

Where to go to sunbathing?

When asked where it is better to sunbathe and swim in Australia, any local person will answer that on the east coast. Here are two of the largest resort areas, each of which has many advantages over all the beaches of the world:

Even those who have never seen scuba live have heard about the Great Barrier Reef. This natural phenomenon is found in the Coral Sea off the northeast coast of Australia. Beach vacation in the local resorts is chosen with the same success and very wealthy tourists, and just diving in love citizens who do not care where to sleep and what to eat. However, no one relieved the presence of a solid press in the wallet of the last ones.

Weather features of a beach holiday in Australia

The swimming season in its usual sense does not disappear on the Gold Coast. The water temperature even in July does not fall below + 19 ° С, and in January it reaches + 25 ° С. The air warms up to + 22 ° С and + 28 ° С, respectively.

The hot subequatorial climate in the resorts of the Great Barrier Reef is characterized by high humidity, which is fairly easily tolerated due to the sea breezes. The best time for a beach holiday in Australia in these latitudes is winter and early spring. On the green continent, located in the southern hemisphere, this is the period from the end of May to the second half of October.

The north coast of the continent is not very suitable for swimming from the last days of October to the beginning of May. At this time, the waters are full of poisonous jellyfish.