Across Australia

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Across Australia, there are thousands of special campsites for such “towns”. A caravan is set up on the territory of such a camping, where for 10 AUD per day you will be given an electric cable and a hose with water. Screw it all to your “wheel house” and live as much as you want. Unfastened your “SUV” from the caravan, and go around the surrounding area if you want. Go to the cinema with your grandmother or somewhere else – you are free to choose. The camping also has all the amenities. Do not want to write in your toilet in the caravan – write in a public campsite. Do not want to dirty your kitchen – fry the meat on the street. Pools, tennis courts, shops – everything is nearby. Five meters – ocean or lake. You can sit with a fishing rod in the early morning. Have breakfast and ride around the area. In the afternoon I had lunch and went to “tickle” my grandmother in a caravan on a chic double bed with air conditioning. In the evening – a tennis court, a beer, potatoes with the same “boys”. Such a couple lived a week, moved to another place. So they travel all over Australia. Why would they return to a bustling city?

For a complete picture, let’s take a simple calculator and calculate whether ordinary pensioners, grandparents, can afford such a life? Did the author of the article embellish this same Australia?

The most expensive caravan costs – AUD 60,000, medium (all the same stuffing, only Australian-made) – AUD 40,000, without a toilet and shower – AUD 20,000. We rent your house in a major city through a real estate agency (in this case The agency is responsible for the safety, serviceability of the equipment in the house and timely payments from the tenant) on average for AUD 500 per week, plus two pensions of AUD 250. Total – AUD 1000 per week. That’s it, let’s go on a trip, because You bought your caravan in installments of payment for 5 years (270 weeks), in other words – you did not pay immediately, but you will pay gradually. Parking, hoses, cables at campsites – AUD 70 per week. Food for two – AUD 100 per week – it’s just “over the edge”. AUD 150 per week is a payment for the caravan (at the rate of AUD 40,000). Beer to grandfather, grandmother ice cream, gasoline for 4WD – we also add to the costs of AUD 100 (by force). So: income AUD 1000, consumption AUD 420 per week. Grandparents stay at “+ AUD 580 clean” every week. Money is credited to their credit card regularly. ATMs – located at every central intersection. What do you think: “Is it possible to live in such conditions for Australian pensioners?”

So what is Australia? Kangaroo, hotels, backpacks, caravans?

Australia is primarily people, smiling people who are not only at this exhibition, but everywhere around you in everyday life! Those people who made everything presented at the exhibition with their own hands are for the same people as themselves. Those people who can afford to take advantage of all this, relax and enjoy life on weekends, as God has commanded.