Diving in Australia

Diving in Australia is probably the dream of any lover of scuba diving. Countless reefs, a huge ocean, an incredibly beautiful and diverse underwater world are a real diving paradise. Ningaloo Reef Be sure to check out the Ningalu Nature Reserve. The underwater world there is full of colors and representatives of the underwater community. … Continue reading "Diving in Australia"

Cost of living in Australia

Australia is perhaps one of the most mysterious and amazing countries in the world. It is convenient to rest there both with money and without it. Everything seems to be created for a great holiday. Several seas and oceans wash the country, so the climate there is simply healing. And also there are interesting animals, … Continue reading "Cost of living in Australia"

Camping in Australia

Australia is a country with a unique nature and a high level of development, so tourism in this country is diverse and very popular. Camping in Australia is somewhat different from how they look in Europe. As in the countries of Europe, the USA and Canada, this kind of recreation are prevalent here, but the … Continue reading "Camping in Australia"

Beach holiday in Australia

A green continent is not the most dazzle and the budget option of a beach holiday, but there are a lot of people who want to do it. They are not embarrassed by either 20 hours of flight, or the price of airline tickets, or the rather confusing process of obtaining a visa. And now … Continue reading "Beach holiday in Australia"

Australian Provinces

Which provinces of Australia should be included in the tourism program? Where should every traveler, who wants to have an interesting and eventful time, visit? South Australia South Australia attracts tourists with chic resorts and sandy coastline. There you can feel the harmony with nature, to find peace of mind. In order to get acquainted … Continue reading "Australian Provinces"