Across Australia

Across Australia, there are thousands of special campsites for such “towns”. A caravan is set up on the territory of such a camping, where for 10 AUD per day you will be given an electric cable and a hose with water. Screw it all to your “wheel house” and live as much as you want. Unfastened your “SUV” from the caravan, and go around the surrounding area if you want. Go to the cinema with your grandmother or somewhere else – you are free to choose. The camping also has all the amenities. Do not want to write in your toilet in the caravan – write in a public campsite. Do not want to dirty your kitchen – fry the meat on the street. Pools, tennis courts, shops – everything is nearby. Five meters – ocean or lake. You can sit with a fishing rod in the early morning. Have breakfast and ride around the area. In the afternoon I had lunch and went to “tickle” my grandmother in a caravan on a chic double bed with air conditioning. In the evening – a tennis court, a beer, potatoes with the same “boys”. Such a couple lived a week, moved to another place. So they travel all over Australia. Why would they return to a bustling city?

For a complete picture, let’s take a simple calculator and calculate whether ordinary pensioners, grandparents, can afford such a life? Did the author of the article embellish this same Australia?

The most expensive caravan costs – AUD 60,000, medium (all the same stuffing, only Australian-made) – AUD 40,000, without a toilet and shower – AUD 20,000. We rent your house in a major city through a real estate agency (in this case The agency is responsible for the safety, serviceability of the equipment in the house and timely payments from the tenant) on average for AUD 500 per week, plus two pensions of AUD 250. Total – AUD 1000 per week. That’s it, let’s go on a trip, because You bought your caravan in installments of payment for 5 years (270 weeks), in other words – you did not pay immediately, but you will pay gradually. Parking, hoses, cables at campsites – AUD 70 per week. Food for two – AUD 100 per week – it’s just “over the edge”. AUD 150 per week is a payment for the caravan (at the rate of AUD 40,000). Beer to grandfather, grandmother ice cream, gasoline for 4WD – we also add to the costs of AUD 100 (by force). So: income AUD 1000, consumption AUD 420 per week. Grandparents stay at “+ AUD 580 clean” every week. Money is credited to their credit card regularly. ATMs – located at every central intersection. What do you think: “Is it possible to live in such conditions for Australian pensioners?”

So what is Australia? Kangaroo, hotels, backpacks, caravans?

Australia is primarily people, smiling people who are not only at this exhibition, but everywhere around you in everyday life! Those people who made everything presented at the exhibition with their own hands are for the same people as themselves. Those people who can afford to take advantage of all this, relax and enjoy life on weekends, as God has commanded.

Diving in Australia

The Luna Park ferris wheel illuminated by the Phantasos light installation during Vivid Sydney 2018.

Diving in Australia is probably the dream of any lover of scuba diving. Countless reefs, a huge ocean, an incredibly beautiful and diverse underwater world are a real diving paradise.

Ningaloo Reef

Be sure to check out the Ningalu Nature Reserve. The underwater world there is full of colors and representatives of the underwater community. 200 species of graceful hard corals and almost 500 species of fish live there. Turtles, graceful soaring practically at the surface, manta rays, naughty dolphins and calm sea cows will accompany you during an exciting dive.

Mornington Peninsula

There are some interesting dive sites. And the first one is Port Phillip Heads, the wonderful world of which will open before you after a short trip. Seahorses and cuttlefish hiding behind their ink stains, stingy stingrays and sea urchins, amazing rags and bright groupers will remain in your memories for a long time. Going down to more solid depths, you can look at the submarines, gone to the bottom even during the First World War.

Diving trail

They are located on the east coast of Tasmania. Pure water of amazing turquoise color is completely transparent, so visibility reaches 40 meters in depth. Be sure to dive in Troy Dee, not far from Maria Island and be sure to visit the reefs and the caves of Worthfall Bay. The Fortescue Bay’s brown algae, resembling dense thickets, hid a fascinating wreck, the steamer Nord, which went down to the bottom in 1925.

Baird bay

A small fishing village is famous for having a colony of sea lions near its coast, almost extinct from the face of the earth. And there you can watch them in their natural habitat, and even swim with them. The animals are very friendly and absolutely not afraid of divers. There and the flocks of restless dolphins, ready to play with you indefinitely.

Darwin Harbor

Excellent dive site if you are interested in wreck diving. There is simply an incredible number of shipwrecks dating back to the Second World War. Today, carpet sharks, barracudas, coral salmon and perches of amazing silver color live here.

Cost of living in Australia

Australia is perhaps one of the most mysterious and amazing countries in the world. It is convenient to rest there both with money and without it. Everything seems to be created for a great holiday. Several seas and oceans wash the country, so the climate there is simply healing. And also there are interesting animals, a variety of entertainment and luxury hotel complexes. What is the average cost of living in Australia and is it really possible to rest here with a minimum budget?


In a country, hotels are distinguished not by international classification, but by class. The most expensive hotels in Australia are located in Sydney:

  • Shangri-La Hotel 5 *;
  • InterContinental Sydney 5 *.

The cost of living in these hotels starts from $ 120 per night per person. Average hotels give their numbers for $ 80-150. Most tourists prefer to settle in motels. A private room with all the comforts will cost about $ 50. You can also rent an apartment from a local, prices are about the same, but this is an option for a short time. Long term rentals are not welcome. You can live on a farm. It will be not only cheap but also exciting. And the children will be delighted. Prices for a bed rarely exceed the prices for similar services in other countries. In Australia, you will need to pay 15-20 $.


If expensive restaurants are not an option, then you should pay attention to Asian eateries, which are very numerous in the country. Prices there are $ 10-15 for lunch for two. There are places where you can bring a drink with you. The cost of the food in them is low. Self-catering facilities are popular in Australia. You can eat in such a restaurant for $ 10, or even less. It is strange, but in most Australian cities it is allowed to have a barbecue in the parks, which has been successfully used by adventurous tourists. Living on a farm, you can even forget about the problems with food. In general, in Australia, you can eat without overpaying for service and serving dishes.

Camping in Australia

Australia is a country with a unique nature and a high level of development, so tourism in this country is diverse and very popular. Camping in Australia is somewhat different from how they look in Europe. As in the countries of Europe, the USA and Canada, this kind of recreation are prevalent here, but the campsites themselves are intended primarily for relaxing using a car. This type of recreation is also called caravanning. In Australia, there are so many places where campgrounds are located. This is both national parks, nature reserves, and common natural areas. Here are the campgrounds, also called caravan parks or RV Park.

How to relax in the Australian campsite?

Holidays in the Australian campsite are a great solution. Since you already have to pay a lot for the flight to this country, it will be useful to save money on your vacation by staying at the campsite. You can not only reduce costs but also get maximum pleasure from good company and intimacy with nature.

When choosing a campsite in Australia, one should proceed not from attractions but the state. You can pick up camping in advance, having familiarized with the most popular options.

Best Australian Campgrounds

Among the most popular campgrounds in Australia are the following:

  • Alivio Tourist Park in Canberra. The cost of an overnight stay is $ 34. It has laundry facilities, a playground, a swimming pool, a supermarket, lighting and hot water.
  • Exhibition Park in Canberra. It costs from $ 22 per day. There are showers, toilets, laundries, electricity and water for the camper. It is possible with animals.
  • Rainbow Pines Tourist Park. Parking 25 dollars per day. There are fishing, cycling, walking and relaxing on the shore.
  • Adelaide River Resort. Opened with Litchfield National Park not long ago. Prices and services are still being specified.
  • Agnes Water Beach Caravan Park. The cost of living $ 30 per day. It is located on the beach, offers diving, relaxing on the beach, there are playgrounds and exotic local cuisine.
  • Adelaide Caravan Park. It costs 30 dollars a day, and here you can replenish stocks of food, water and refuel.

Beach holiday in Australia

A green continent is not the most dazzle and the budget option of a beach holiday, but there are a lot of people who want to do it. They are not embarrassed by either 20 hours of flight, or the price of airline tickets, or the rather confusing process of obtaining a visa. And now more and more lucky ones are going on a beach holiday to Australia.

Where to go to sunbathing?

When asked where it is better to sunbathe and swim in Australia, any local person will answer that on the east coast. Here are two of the largest resort areas, each of which has many advantages over all the beaches of the world:

Even those who have never seen scuba live have heard about the Great Barrier Reef. This natural phenomenon is found in the Coral Sea off the northeast coast of Australia. Beach vacation in the local resorts is chosen with the same success and very wealthy tourists, and just diving in love citizens who do not care where to sleep and what to eat. However, no one relieved the presence of a solid press in the wallet of the last ones.

Weather features of a beach holiday in Australia

The swimming season in its usual sense does not disappear on the Gold Coast. The water temperature even in July does not fall below + 19 ° С, and in January it reaches + 25 ° С. The air warms up to + 22 ° С and + 28 ° С, respectively.

The hot subequatorial climate in the resorts of the Great Barrier Reef is characterized by high humidity, which is fairly easily tolerated due to the sea breezes. The best time for a beach holiday in Australia in these latitudes is winter and early spring. On the green continent, located in the southern hemisphere, this is the period from the end of May to the second half of October.

The north coast of the continent is not very suitable for swimming from the last days of October to the beginning of May. At this time, the waters are full of poisonous jellyfish.

Australian Provinces

Which provinces of Australia should be included in the tourism program? Where should every traveler, who wants to have an interesting and eventful time, visit?

South Australia

South Australia attracts tourists with chic resorts and sandy coastline. There you can feel the harmony with nature, to find peace of mind. In order to get acquainted with local attractions, you need to choose a trip by car or hiking route, known as Heysen. Tourists can see the kangaroo and visit different wine-growing regions. Visit the Yorke Peninsula, Fleurieu Peninsula, Kangaroo Island. Every area of ​​South Australia deserves your attention.


Victoria is a state located in the southeastern region of Australia. This state has the smallest size compared to other states in the continental part of Australia. Victoria has a distinctive nickname, “Garden staff,” and the motto is “Peace and prosperity.” Melbourne is assigned the status of the capital.

Things to do in Viktoria:

  • Visit the largest open market in the southern hemisphere. The market is named after Queen Victoria. This is where you can buy souvenirs from local manufacturers.
  • See the monument to Charles La Trobe, who stands on a pedestal upside down. On the background of the monument, you need to take a photo.
  • Try the steak made from kangaroo meat. It should be noted that the cost of one kilogram is about $ 260.
  • Take part in an English speaking tour of Melbourne.


New South Wales is the oldest and most populated state of Australia, which is located in the south-east of the state. The capital is recognized as the city of Sydney, characterized by the largest population. Sydney attracts modern skyscrapers, the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Tower, which is a place for recreation, restaurants and numerous shops, two viewing platforms. This journey can be one of the most exciting in life.


Tasmania is a state of Australia, which is located on the island of the same name. The state is separated from the mainland Bass Strait. Many tourists want to come here to enjoy the beautiful nature.

Australia is a unique state that every tourist should visit.